Wishart State School

Client: Forpark Australia  |  Location: Morella Street, Wishart   |  Sector: Education

Wishart State School has recently received a new play space and surrounding surfacing for this 420m2 area. Forpark Australia subcontracted SCA to deliver the surfacing component of this project and synthetic turf was the desired aesthetic specified by the client. As the synthetic turf was to be laid beneath Play equipment, the requirement from the equipment manufacturer ensures the depth of a play surface meets the Free Height Of Fall requirements. To meet the Free Height Of Fall requirements for this equipment (2400mm), Attenuturf was the required surfacing solution as it involves a layer of impact rubber laid beneath the synthetic turf. The wet poured impact rubber was laid to provide a maximum FHOF of 2400mm (once combined with the synthetic grass and sand infill). Our install team then installed approximately 420m2 of Urban Bayside Synthetic Grass. The client also requested the installation of two hopscotches and one snakes and ladders across the surface of the play space. Our surfaces are installed in accordance with the Australian Playground Surfacing Standards AS 4422:2016.