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Surfcon’s team are trained and certified to undertake comprehensive post installation inspections of your wet pour rubber softfall and loose softfall surfaces. After a detailed site inspection we will confirm for you via report the conformity of your surface with the requirements of AS4422. We use a Wireless Value HIC measurement device, which consists of a metal sphere (head form) which is equipped with calibrated acceleration sensors. To determine the critical fall height of a surface the Head Impact Criteria (HIC) is determined by dropping the head from varying heights to the below surface and measuring the point where one of two safety criteria are exceeded. These two criteria are Head injury criterion exceeding 1000 and the maximum acceleration as a result of the impact exceeding 200g. gmax. The HIC is essentially a measure of energy absorbed as a result of the impact, and when the value exceeds 1000, a human brain can be susceptible to concussion.

It is a requirement under AS4422 that any impact attenuating surfaces such as our Playmix systems are tested upon completion, and ongoing every three years:


8.5.2 Comprehensive post-installation inspection

A comprehensive post-installation inspection shall be conducted by a competent person prior to opening the playground. This inspection shall verify that the playground conforms with the requirements of the relevant parts of the AS 4685 series and the impact-attenuating surfacing test in AS 4422.

8.5.6 Regular testing of impact attenuating surfaces.

As a minimum, unitary surfacing shall be tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4422 at least every three years.

To arrange an inspection of your existing or upcoming surfacing asset, bulk facilities, testing pricing or any further information on our compliance services for your new or existing play surface, please contact our friendly team.

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