Taperoo Reserve

Client: Outside Ideas  |  Location: Taperoo, SA  |  Sector: Local Government

SCA was awarded the rubber softfall and acrylic surfacing components of the redevelopment of Taperoo Reserve.
The rubber surfacing component involved our team installing approximately 180m2 of EPDM and Precoat wet pour rubber safety surfacing in a blend of two colours.
The Acrylic component installed over 500m2 involved our team applying a Greenset 3 coat acrylic system to the newly established multi use area. The design concept was to create a multi function fitness area with running, hopping & skipping activities along with basketball, 4 square and the capacity for HIIT. Our team incorporated the use of stencils and aspect spray to create the surface design. Several kilometres of tape were used to ensure the contrasting details were easily definable between the variety of colours.